Player Profile: Nathan Mayer

There is one athlete on Team USA’s power soccer team that nobody expected to be a factor. Nathan Mayer, who is from Minnesota and plays for the Shockwave in that state, defied all the odds and made the team. When Mayer was 7-years-old, he learned about power soccer at t-ball and has been hooked ever since. Mayer wanted to be a power soccer athlete because he wanted to be more competitive than what his recreational t-ball league was providing him. So far, his power soccer career “has been nothing but great” as the sport has provided Mayer many opportunities, according to him.

Like making any team, Mayer had to maneuver past obstacles. One big obstacle for him was he had to prove he wanted to be on Team USA since he was not expected to make it and most people did not think that Mayer had the right skills. However, Mayer’s determination paid off. Every chance that he had, Mayer was in the gym brushing up on his ball control and shots before the selection camp. “After I made the top 12, I {have been} in the gym three to four times a week doing drills and improving my game,” Mayer said. Mayer hopes to make his country proud as best as he can and he wants to show the outsiders what power soccer is all about.

Mayer graduated from high school in June and is starting at the University of Minnesota this fall. Mayer always wanted to attend that college, as he will go after “double majoring in product design and graphic design.” In his down time, Mayer enjoys spending time with his family and loves to watch and attend sporting events. His favorites are hockey, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. “I like playing video games, specifically the sport video games,” Mayer suggests.

In the future, Mayer hopes one day that power soccer will be added as a sport during the Paralympics. Mayer gladly says, “Power Soccer means everything to me, and I will do anything for Team USA and to represent my country.”

Written by Michael Sack