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AGE: 27 | Home Team: Circle City Rollers Experience: 10 years

Playing for Team USA is the greatest honor that has come my way. Even though I have played in both World Cup’s, each one is more challenging and I strive to beat every challenge that comes my way. Representing my country is the greatest feeling in the world.



Tampa, FL
AGE: 22 | Home Team: Tampa Thunder Experience: 12 years

Making the 2015 World Cup Team USA is the fulfillment of my dream since the first World Cup in 2007. I am excited to become one of the elite Power Soccer players in the nation and share the honor with my teammates of representing our nation at the highest level of play. It also give me ideals, values, and skills that I could take back to my community to help grow the sport in years to come.


Pendleton, IN
AGE: 24 | Home Team: ASU Power Soccer Club Experience: 11 years

After making Team USA in 2011, it means all of my hard work over the last four years has paid off. Not many athletes get to play their sport at the highest level of competition so I am honored and motivated to represent my country again.


Tampa, FL
AGE: 22 | Home Team: Tampa Thunder Experience: 10 years

Playing for Team USA has always been a dream of mine. From my very first game I knew that I wanted to compete at the highest level, and Team USA sets the bar. I am ready to help the team in any way that I can to help the United States win its third straight World Cup.


Monticello, MN
AGE: 19 | Home Team: Minnesota Shockwave Experience: 9 years

It is an honor to be a part of Team USA because I have always dreamed of playing for this team, but it also proves that I belong with the best athletes in the country - and the world! Also, it will allow me to grow my game even further by playing with and competing against the best players in the world.


Syracuse, NY
AGE: 26 | Home Team: CNY United
Experience: 11 years

The ability to represent my family, friends, city, and country is an honor that very few have been blessed with. It means all the hard work and time I have put in to better myself, CNY United, and power soccer in general will have paid off more than I could have ever imagined since I first put a guard on and rolled onto the court in 2003.


Indianapolis, IN
AGE: 29 | Home Team: Circle City RollersExperience: 8 years

It is a great honor for me to play for Team USA knowing that the hard work and love I put in this sport has paid off. Playing for Team USA gives me the opportunity to represent all those people behind the scenes in my life who have truly made me the Power Soccer athlete I am today!


Syracuse, NY
AGE: 18 | Home Team: CNY United
Experience: 8 years

Playing for Team USA means the world to me. Ever since I realized that I was going to tryout, I practice every day at my school and I had team practice 2 times a week. It also means I get to represent my country at the highest level and play with the worlds best players.



Pendleton, IN
AGE: 26 | Home Team: ASU Power Soccer Club Experience: 9 years

I'm really excited to play for Team USA again. The first time was an incredible experience, and I feel like the game is even more exciting now. I can't wait to play at this level and represent my country.


St. Cloud, MN
AGE: 19 | Home Team: Minnesota Magic Experience: 11 years

Ever since seeing the first World Cup team play, it’s been a goal of mine to make it on the team. It is an honor to play alongside the world’s best power soccer players.



Carmel, IN
AGE: 28 | Home Team: Circle City Rollers Experience: 11 years

It is an incredible honor. I have been fortunate to represent my country in previous international events and it is a feeling like none other. I’m excited to be a part of keeping US on top!



Woodbury, MN
AGE: 23 | Home Team: Minnesota ShockwaveExperience: 7 years

It means so much to play for our country and to wear the red, white and blue. This is the highest level of competition for our sport and I am happy to be a part of something bigger than myself. I also want to make history and to be a part of a team that wins three straight World Cups.

Meet the Staff

From left to right:  Head Coach: Mike Hayes, Assistant Coach: Steve Misgen, Team Managers: Carrie Hayes and Mark Pratt, Equipment Manager: Mark Berron, Team Referee: Jonathan Newman, Team Photographer: Chris Williams

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Team USA is a 100% volunteer run organization. Athletes and staff are responsible for all costs related to training. With the help of a few local sponsors, they have made the financial burden training camp much less heavy.